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Skálakot Horseback ridingThe farm Skálakot
Jóhanna and Mummi bought Skálakot 1985 from Mummis grandparents Bjarni and Kata. The farm is located in the beautiful area of Eyjafjöll in the South part of Iceland. Skálakot owns around 150 horses and 300 sheep. 

Skálakot have been successful in horse breeding. Many people know the stallion Klængur from Skálakot and Skýr from Skálakot. Every year we get around 10 foals only from top breeding lines.

Jóhanna Thorhallsdóttir (in the middle)
Mother and owner of the farm

Jóhanna is the main chef in Skálakot and is usually
cooking and driving in the tours. She is the cogwheel
behind exactly everything that goes on at Skálakot
and relaxes by feeding her sheep or fishing 
salmon in the river.

Guðmundur Viðarsson
Father and owner of the farm

Gudmundur (more known as Mummi) is the head
guide at the farm. He knows the mountains better
than his own pocket and what he doesn´t know about
horses it not worth knowing.

Thorgerdur Guðmundsdóttir

Daughter and horse trainer

Thorgerður (also known as Gogga) is training the horses wintertime and guiding tours summertime.
After a break from school having her two kids Saga and Bjarni with Saili, she is back studying Landscape Architecture.

Orri Guðmundsson
Son and hiking guide

Orri is taking care of the hiking tours in Skálakot. He is spending time in his sheep house and is soon building his own house next to Skálakot with his Valborg.

Birta Guðmundsdóttir

Just like her siblings, Birta grown up on a horse and has been part of the tours since she was born. Birta is now 15 years old and will start high school next year.

Einar Viðar Viðarson (to the right)
Brother of Mummi and Skálakots mechanic.

Einar makes sure that Skálakots cars runs properly and is also taking care of the entertainment in the tours,such as singing and guitar playing. Einar is also foreman in the local Rescue Team and spends time in the mountains, looking for lost tourists (and Icelanders).




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