det var en bra tur
Tuesday, 26 February 2013
My thoughts wander back in time... Back to my journey to Iceland, back to that wonderful day at Skálakot when I experienced Iceland as it's supposed to be experienced; By horseback! I admit, because of this being my first time horsebackriding, that I was slightly nervous, but at the second I arrived at the farm I felt welcome and completely calmed. Gudmundur (owner) and his family are the kindest and warmest family in all of Iceland, and I can highly recommend this place to everyone who goes to Iceland! Their friendly and thoughtful nature alone makes Skálakot worth the visit. The guides at Skálakot are excellent too! I had the pleasure of going with the fantastic Martina, who is so admirably devoted to her job, the horses and her guests that one cannot help wanting to go back to Skálakot! I guess I'm just trying to say thanks for a wonderful Icelandic experience and to tell everyone out there to go visit this wonderful place! The only thing I regret about going to Skálakot is that I didn't have more time to spend there... But I'll be back ;)
Wednesday, 21 November 2012
This country with it´s totally untouched nature fascinates us. We have full confident for this wonderful Icelandic horses. They are safe on their foot and carry us in a very impressive way. The simple life and the horses are very valuable. A rainy day does not disturb either, we get to borrow rain cloths.
Skálakot has perfect horses and wonderful tölters. We can sit all day on the horses back, enjoy the view and see the loose horses running. You get a clear heart, your thoughts from the daily life goes away. A spontaneous gallop down to the sea, black moon landscape, white glaciers, magic seconds by small rivers – all this brings us closer to the real you.
We love this because we always need to cry when we leave and always needs to check if the big red car still is working.
The guides find the right horse to you and decide the speed and riding way after the conditions. The guides loves their jobs, that you cant forfeit and you see it in their eyes. On Iceland there is no problems and you adapt to the circumstances. And this way of living we always brings a piece of home. They take good care of the horses and us and we just need to crawl down in our sleeping bag and look forward to next day.
Annette Riedle - Bavarian, Germany
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
We sat together and were thinking of the wonderful time in Iceland- with the horses, the beautiful landscape and the wonderful guides. We really had a very nice time and a lot of fun. The special adventure was the (extra planed;)) eruption of the volcano. This was a very special day in our time, which we had together. But we always felt safe, also without horses and the car;) Every riding tour is new surprises!
Tina Koch - Germany
Tuesday, 14 August 2012
For 10 years have me and my family visit Iceland each summer, and that I will continue with. This is a dream vacation in a fantastic, dramatic and varied landscape. The farm is perfect located for riding tours in the mountains and along the sea cost with Westmann Islands outside.

The family on Skálakot is opened and guest free. The horses are harmonic, honest and strong. Skálakot always have good guides who know it´s landscape and the horses. And can combine the right horse to the right rider.

Big Hug from 2ne
Tone Graver - Oslo, Norway
Tuesday, 17 July 2012
On Iceland are there no walking paths, we are tölting almost all the time. The horses we rode were fantastic tölting horses, just to stay on and enjoy and the fantastic landscape.
In the end of the day were we supposed to cross a river and it was a very exciting experience as the water went up to the horses belly. At the same time as we were going to cross the river did the heard went away on the wrong side of the river in full gallop. We rode together with Martina in the front that ask us to continue over the river and went back in full speed and took the heard back together with Ditte, impressive to see!
The adventure was not over, when we almost were home we saw a heard of loose horses there we were going to pas. We were asked to quick get of our horses and gather our horses in a circle with a line. We all helped each other and everything went well.
We got a ride back to the farm and we were full of joy after such a fantastic day. All thought it was raining and we were wet, is it the best memory of our Iceland tour and we will never forget that. Next time we go to Iceland will we make sure it is a longer tour and there is no doubts that we are going with Skálakot
Marie och Evelin
Marie and Evelin Skogsberg, Stockholm - Sweden
Monday, 16 July 2012
I recommend everyone that has the possibility to take a tour to Iceland. This island is addictive. To explore the nature from the horse is off course the optimal way of doing it. I have together with my friends been riding 3 different tours on very nice horses. On every tour have Martina Holmgren been our guide and she is very competent and solves the challenges that comes up with security and peace.
Kerstin Biellert - Östland. Sweden
Tuesday, 10 July 2012

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